Under the Lens: A Closer Look with Shelterforce

ADUs Explained

What Does It Take to Get ADUs Built?

In our new series—ADUs Explained—we’ll look at some of the major policy considerations in legalizing accessory dwelling units, how they get built and financed, and the role they can play in our affordable housing landscape.

The Racial Wealth Gap—Moving to Systemic Solutions

Moving Beyond the Holy Trinity of Racial Wealth Gap Answers

We’ve been carrying out asset-building strategies for decades now, but the wealth gap has not shrunk. What needs to be done about it?

Building Differently

Building Differently: Can It Reduce Construction Costs?

Experiments to lower construction costs, from reusing shipping containers to 3D printing walls, have been happening for years. But are any of these approaches able to provide meaningful savings at scale?

Community Ownership Takes Center Stage

Whatever Happened To ...

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