Under the Lens collections are Shelterforce’s deep dives into a single topic or theme.


An inside view of the 3D printed home while construction is in progress. Photo courtesy of the Virginia Center for Housing Research

Building Differently

Experiments to lower construction costs, from reusing shipping containers to 3D printing walls, have been happening for years. But are any of these approaches able to provide meaningful savings at scale? And if not, what will it take to get them there? READ MORE



Over 80 volunteers helped the Durham Community Land Trustees (DCLT) clean up and plant shrubs and trees on five of DCLT’s permanently affordable rental properties in East Durham. Photo courtesy of the Durham Community Land Trustees

Community Ownership
Takes Center Stage

Community land trusts and cooperatives are two of the most prominent models of community ownership, and ones we’ve written about for many years. In this series, we take a focused look at some of the ways these forms of community ownership are evolving.


Photo by flickr user Lee Coursey, CC BY 2.0

Whatever Happened To …

Every now and then we need to take a look back at how things have changed. Did promising or ambitious initiatives pan out? Did trends that seemed to be going strong stay on course? We revisit our past coverage and ask, “Whatever happened to that?” READ MORE