A Quick Look at the U.S. Health Care Sector

A graphic illustration breaking down the payers, plans, and providers, and public health systems.

Over the last couple of years as we’ve explored the connection between health and community development, we’ve learned that it’s vital that we better understand how to partner with the health sector. This illustration is part of a Shelterforce series that explores just that.

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Series NavigationThe U.S. Health Care System: Players and Incentives >>Forming Partnerships With Public Health Departments, Part 1: Why It’s a Good Idea >>
Carol Coogan is a designer, illustrator, and an avid keeper of sketchbooks. Her weekly op-ed art for the Altamont Enterprise has won numerous New York Press Service awards, her designs have graced many Crane & Co. stationery and paper products, and she created the weekly “Backyard Naturalist” feature of the Times Union newspaper, which she wrote and illustrated for 10 years.


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