A group of adults and children stand with colorful orange, yellow and blue signs. One sign reads, "Stop increasing our Rent."

Video Tenant Power Returns

Top 6 Tenant Protections Renters Are Fighting For

Tenants are organizing together with increased urgency to get legal protections passed in their towns, cities, and states. What are the top protections tenants are fighting for?

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This article is part of the Under the Lens series

Tenant Power Returns

In this series Shelterforce dives deep into the past, present, and future of tenant organizing. We take a closer look at the components of what many organizers call a tenants bill of rights and give you accessible ways to share them with others, plus lots more.

Unprecedented rent hikes. Illegal evictions. Homes so in need of repair they are health hazards. Far too many renters are dealing with problems like these—and that’s why they are organizing with increased urgency to get tenant protections passed in their towns, cities, and states.

What are tenants fighting for? Shelterforce talks with tenants across the country—in California, Missouri, and New York—and breaks down six important protections.

This video is part of “Tenant Power Returns, an Under the Lens series.

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Tenant Power Returns