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Tenant Organizing in Unexpected Places, a Webinar

Tenants aren't just organizing in places like California and New York—hear about tenant organizing in small and mid-sized cities from Maine, Maryland, Texas and Kentucky.

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Out of the Limelight, But Still Hanging in the Balance

Housing and community development have been glaringly absent from both of the presidential campaigns and all of the debates this election season, as many Rooflines bloggers have pointed out. But […]


Romney’s Tax Plan Could Spell Doom for the Nonprofit Housing Sector

This presidential race continues to be a disaster when it comes to issues we care about.  No mention of affordable housing, no real debate on how to solve the ongoing […]


Where Do the Candidates Stand on The Foreclosure Crisis?

One issue that has been conspicuously missing from all this talk about our economy is the ongoing home opportunity crisis.


Community and Economic Development, 2012-2016

Responding to Paul Ryan’s commentary about valuing seniors, Vice President Biden shared some advice he received from his father: “Look, don’t tell me what you value.  Show me your budget, […]

Two children, one wearing a blue shirt and other a pink shirt, play in the sand on a beach.

California’s New Environmental Movement

How communities of color, using health and jobs as rallying cries, took on Big Oil — and won!


Housing the Political Agenda

It's official, at least it is to you. In order to get housing on the agenda this election cycle, we have to demand our candidates to take a stand. It's […]


What Is the Emergency in Michigan?

From one perspective, the recent expansion of the Michigan’s 1990 Emergency Financial Management Act is just the latest salvo in a right-wing-led war against the rights of workers to organize. […]

An orange tinted bridge over water in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Organizing Strategy

A Battle for Wards in New Jersey’s Hub City

How an organization of residents crossing age, race, and socioeconomic lines took on an unyielding City Hall known for quelling grass-roots efforts and (almost) overtook the political party machinery.


Has the Fight Gone Out of Organizing?

After a brief, shining moment following the 2008 Republican National Convention, when it seemed community organizers would rule the country, they are now back on the defensive.


Adolfo Carrión: We Hardly Knew You! (In This Capacity)

First it was the Office of Urban Policy. Then, at the time of its launch in 2009, it quietly turned into the Office of Urban Affairs: a small, but interesting […]


Community Developer Wins Contentious Primary for NYC Council Seat

Brad Lander, a not-for-profit director, affordable housing builder, city planner, and community organizer told the Brownstoner about why he chose to run for New York City Council. “I’ve worked with […]


Labor Day, Chris Christie, and the Employee Free Choice Act

It’s labor-day weekend so let’s think about unions, Republicans, and politics. Unions are a potent reality check as well as a counterforce to the power of big business. Most union […]