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Janis Bowdler is president of the JPMorgan Chase Foundation. Bowdler joined JPMorgan Chase in 2013, before which she served as director of economic policy at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR, now UnidosUS). Bowdler also served as a project manager at Famicos Foundation, a community development corporation working in the Hough and Glenville neighborhoods of Cleveland, Ohio.

Citizenship Is an Asset

Naturalizing is a great way to improve opportunity, but it’s expensive. How can we open that door to more of the immigrants who qualify?

multifamily building

Innovations in 1-to-4-unit Multifamily Developments

Last month, we co-hosted with the National Housing Conference a forum on promising strategies for neighborhood revitalization in Detroit. The daylong event brought together a small group of high-performing nonprofits […]

Advancing Economic Opportunity Through Diversity

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in an important and powerful conversation about the importance of diversity and inclusion in achieving economic equity at the Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) conference in Denver, Colorado. This is a topic that hits close to home for me. Before I joined JPMorgan Chase, I spent 10 years at […]

Housing Advocacy

CFPB Witch Hunt Could Lose Latino Voters

The U.S. Senate Committee on Banking voted on March 19 along party lines (12 Democrats and ten Republicans) to advance Richard Cordray’s bid to serve a full term as director […]


A Bipartisan Look at Demographics that Drive Housing Demand

Earlier this week the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) released its Housing Commission Report: Housing America’s Future: New Directions for National Policy.  As an advisor to Janet Murgía, NCLR President and […]


Congress Needs to Listen to Latinos

The 2012 presidential election debate centered on how best to jumpstart our economy and spur job creation.  The candidates campaigned on their opposing plans, drawing stark contrasts on fundamental economic […]

Housing Advocacy

Candidates’ Silence on Housing Issues Elicits Frustration

How do you convince somebody to fix a problem when they are seemingly blind to the overwhelming evidence that the problem even exists? Today, 11 million Americans owe more on […]


Where Do the Candidates Stand on The Foreclosure Crisis?

One issue that has been conspicuously missing from all this talk about our economy is the ongoing home opportunity crisis.


Geithner Steps Up in Defense of Principal Reduction

Yesterday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner took a bold step toward guarding families’ homes from unnecessary foreclosure. He wrote an open letter in defense of principal reductions—a vital option that reduces […]


Homeowners Can’t Afford Another Missed Opportunity

This post is part of an ongoing series based on the National Fair Housing Alliance report, “The Banks Are Back, Our Neighborhoods Are Not,” that examines ongoing discrimination in the […]


Finally! Relief for Latino Homeowners

Nearly a year and a half after news broke of widespread wrongful foreclosures at the hands of the nation’s five largest servicers, the federal government and 49 of 50 attorneys […]


Remaining Hurdles Dampen Positive Changes to the Housing Market

Over the past month, the Obama administration has achieved several Home for Good victories for homeowners and consumers.  Among them was the bold move Obama made to appoint the director […]