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Putting a Face on the Budget Cuts

“When you have a key that you can put in the door, it gives you the chance to control your destiny” says Almon Hubbard, a formerly homeless veteran in Buffalo, […]

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Unpopular Budget Cuts Could Create an Opening for Advocates

As the recession continues and new members of Congress take their seats following the midterm election, it is clear our new lawmakers are taking the nation in the wrong direction. […]

Community Development Field

Breaking Down Walls: Who’s on First on the Banking Committees?

This entry is the third in a series of attempting to demystify the “new” Congress. My last two posts looked at the membership of House and Senate housing and community […]


The Impact of the 2010 Midterm Elections in Georgia: An Atlanta Perspective

The election returns last November generated a bit of discussion among community developers in Georgia last fall for a few reasons. There were certainly implications due to the definitive results […]


Reckless Budget Targets Our Most Vulnerable Neighbors

There are few greater obligations that we share as a nation than to support our servicemen and women when they come home “to care for him who shall have borne […]

Community Development Field

Breaking Down Walls: Senate Appropriators

Last week we looked at the House appropriators, this week we are moving across the Hill to the Senate appropriators who oversee funds made available to housing and community development […]

Policy and appropriations: a vew of the Capitol in Washington, D.C.
Federal Policy

Congress: Breaking Down the Walls

Washington is a really confusing town in good times and an almost indecipherable town in surreal times like these. In order to make sense of the work that I do […]

2010 midterm elections, view of House of Representatives chamber

Five Hidden Opportunities in the 2010 Election Results

The new Congress will be enacting major new legislation, and it’s vital that community development leaders retain our tenacious optimism as we move forward.