Tag: Historic Preservation

Is “Sustainability” Old Hat?

Americans have treated the word “sustainability” as though everyone practices sustainability daily and the concept is old hat. We should know better.

Marrying Rehab and Affordable Housing

How can cities creatively and compactly marry affordable housing, historic rehabilitation, vibrant commerce, civic uses, and urban revitalization?

Preserving History with Neighborhood Character

Driving through Virginia's Hanover County the other day, I was struck by how much history has imprinted itself on the landscape. I drove by...

Property Owners as Stewards of a Community Vision

How can property owners become the stewards of a carefully crafted local vision? Milwaukee's “Queen Anne,” one of the few Queen Annes in such a...

Saving a Landmark in the Bronx

The deteriorating building at 1520 Sedgwick Ave. in the Bronx, also known as General Sedgwick House, is credited as being the birthplace of hip-hop,...

Eyesore to Community Asset

On a hill just west of downtown Los Angeles sits the Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home, a 1912 "Chateauesque" building that The Los Angeles...

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