David Holtzman

David Holtzman is a planner for Louisa County, Virginia, a freelance writer, and a former Shelterforce editor.

What Responsibilities Do Institutions Have In Their Communities?

Universities need to take an active interest in maintaining and enhancing community stability.

Gentrification Keeps Trying to Improve its Image

Over time the conversation about gentrification has gotten much more complex.

Bluegrass, Rodeos, and Other Signs of a Living Community

This weekend the small community where I live had its annual heritage fair. This is when people get together to celebrate the traditional arts...

Home Again

With the help of its local community development corporation, a Boston neighborhood comes to terms with its transformation as a beloved church, long a treasured part of the community is reborn as housing.

Obama Talks Up Metropolitanism

Metropolitanism, or regionalism, was back in the news this morning as Barack Obama trumpeted the concept at the annual meeting of the U.S. Conference...
bike rider in diamond lane: complete streets

Make Your Streets Livable!

An exciting new resource is available to community developers who want to make the streets in their neighborhoods more inviting to people on foot,...

Defining the Creative Economy People

I was pleased to hear at a recent planning workshop that the definition of the creative economy has been expanded. As popularized by Richard...

Transit-Oriented, But Affordable?

Planning and community development blogs are aglow with talk of transit-oriented development (TOD), which is just that: development clustered around bus and train stations....

Putnam’s “E Pluribus Unum”: Part of the Story

A few weeks ago I had the chance to spend a weekend on a tiny island in Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay that has just enough...

You’re Gonna Change the Economy? How, Exactly?

If people were surprised at how skeptical voters in the recent West Virginia Democratic primary were of Barack Obama’s casting himself as the candidate...

In Mississippi, the New Urbanists Take Charge

Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, but it actually hit the Gulf Coast of Mississippi much harder. Several towns were literally wiped off the map,...


In 2001 California imposed a strict prevailing wage requirement on affordable housing developers. But that was before two studies showed the effect of prevailing...

The Seven Basic Principles of Universal Design

Equitable. Useful to people with all sorts of abilities. Provides the same means of use for all; does not segregate any user; makes the...

Universal Design Gets Attention

As more Americans choose to “age in place,” the demand for universal design homes and products is likely to increase. Both AARP, with its...

Housing for All

With simple design changes and a few added features, an attractive and functional home can be built for people both with or without disabilities.

Rx for Tenants

Doctors and lawyers team up to help tenants stuck in housing that's bad for their health

Planning Beyond the Project

Neighborhood planning allows CDCs to move beyond housing development and become community catalysts.

Managing the Message

Telling Stories that Support Affordable Housing

The Emergence of the CDC Network

In 1967, the first CDC was born in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Government, business and the middle class had pulled their resources from the area...

The Fight to Save Section 8

In April 2004, when the Bush Administration launched a major assault on the program that helps Marion Brady pay her rent, she sprang into...