The third installment of Shelterforce's Health and Community Development supplement.

#192 Fall 2018 — Vacancy

Fall 2018 — Health and Community Development Supplement

In our third supplement, we focus on a coalition's work to lower the number of asthma-related hospital visits from an apartment complex, and how sitting on a porch can be good for your health.

The third installment of Shelterforce's Health and Community Development supplement.Communities need more than just housing. They need good schools, safe streets, adequate transportation, arts and culture, and, of course, equitable access to health services and an environment that promotes physical and psychological wellbeing. We’ve been writing about the health outcomes of housing and community development since our founding in 1975, however, we now have a way of understanding the outcomes of our work and a language to describe it. We launched our health and community development desk in the Winter 2018 issue, and we continue to delve into the intersection with our third supplement.  

Included is an article by Brett Byerly, who writes about an apartment complex in North Carolina that generated 120 times as many hospital visits as would have been expected for its population. A creative coalition forced the sale of the complex and worked with the new owner to change things.

The second piece is by Joanna Taft, who writes about residents of several Indianapolis neighborhoods gathering on front porches and lawns to connect with their fellow community members. It’s having a transformative affect.

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