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Questioning Drug Testing

Arrest records aren’t the only barrier to employment out there that’s not about skills and job readiness. During the post-Katrina redevelopment of the New Orleans C.J. Peete public housing development […]

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New Jersey: Community Asset Preservation Corporation

“One of the main challenges in preserving neighborhoods everywhere is figuring out how to better establish a permanent, durable, capital pool that is more resilient than the ongoing foreclosure crisis.” […]


Standing Up for the Future

On Nov. 3, 2010, the day after the midterm elections, 30 leaders from PICO*, including homeowners struggling to avoid foreclosure, housing counselors and clergy, along with leaders from National People’s […]


Is Rehab Greener?

New, efficient buildings can offer all sorts of energy, water, and other environmental savings — in addition to offering modern amenities desired by tenants. But there’s an emerging school of […]


Can Fighting Sprawl Broaden Affordable Housing’s Constituency?

A hot housing market in Asheville, North Carolina, has driven residents away from the core of its metropolitan area and into sprawl communities in search of affordable homes. In May […]


Pianka’s Peers

While Judge Raymond Pianka’s methods are unusual, he is not alone in exploring these sorts of remedies. Pianka often appears at national conferences with judges Larry Potter of Memphis and […]

Economic Development at FHLBanks

FHLB: Atlanta PROGRAM: Economic Development and Growth Enhancement Program (EDGE) MEMBER: Branch Banking & Trust of North Carolina (BB&T Bank) RESULT: In the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, D.C., Emmaus Services […]


Linked Deposits

In 2009, in Pittsburgh, a city much admired for its bank/CDC collaborations, the lender for a prominent mixed commercial/residential project was requiring new appraisals and changing loan terms, which added […]


Inclusionary Housing: A Critical Step Toward Equity

Inclusionary housing policies can harness the market in the name of equity. These policies, which require or incentivize the provision of affordable housing along with market rate residential development, are […]


CLTs and Lease Purchase

A community land trust like Albany’s or City of Lakes CLT, retains ownership of the land under a house, which gives it an interest in the stability and tenure of […]

Community Development Field

Shel Trapp, Organizer, NPA Founder, Dies at 75

Shel Trapp has died at the age of 75 after a brief illness. Along with NPA (National People’s Action) co-founder Gale Cincotta, Shel was central to the passage of HMDA […]

Shelter Shorts

The Disproportionate Impact of Foreclosures

Communities of color have always lagged far behind in homeownership, and foreclosures are making the situation worse. During the heyday of the subprime lending boom, borrowers of color were three […]


Best Practices for Volunteerism

Here are some basic practices that any volunteer effort should utilize.