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Making Community Benefits Agreements Count

CBAs can be extremely difficult to implement and enforce, which is why a detailed agreement in the early stages of the community-developer relationship is so important.


Act Fast

As we go to press, Congress is in recess. Throughout the country, Representatives and Senators extol the booming economy that has resulted in a budget “surplus.” To spend that money, […]

Three members of the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California give a thumbs up as they hold "Register and Vote" signs in different languages.


How the Bay Area Got $2 Billion for Affordable Homes

San Francisco Bay Area voters approved bold new investments in 2016 after housing advocates–part of the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California–ignited a successful electoral strategy for the general election. Here’s how it worked.

Mel Martínez


The New HUD Secretary

After his swearing-in as HUD secretary, Mel Martinez vowed to address the needs of minorities, the elderly, and working families.


The Complexification of the Nonprofit Sector

Nonprofit sector organizations are getting bigger, operations are getting more tentacled, financial tools are getting wonkier, and budgets keep growing. Don't just take my word for it: check out the […]


Foreclosing on Our Health?

In a dangerous cycle, medical bills are a common cause of foreclosure—and the stress and financial crisis of foreclosure causes an increase in serious health problems.

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The Week in Community Development—April 5

Homelessness is a national emergency, Doctors don’t quite get it, Gentrification doesn’t stand a chance, This hospital mandates paying a living wage, New HUD news, and more.


Detours on the Road Home

Serious flaws in the Road Home program have kept many hard-working homeowners from coming back to the Lower 9th Ward. Let’s not repeat them after the next disaster.