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Developing Economic, Along with Physical, Health

Sue Joss and Jason Barbosa might seem to be unlikely economic development partners. She is the veteran CEO of a major nonprofit health care provider in Brockton, Massachusetts, just south […]


Partners in Policing

When Nutley, New Jersey, Police Chief Robert DeLitta and Sgt. Steve Rogers saw a letter in the local newspaper from an African-American woman who was having trouble renting an apartment […]


Changing the Conversation

Stretching across more than 20 U.S. cities, a new consortium called Occupy Our Homes is continuing to organize actions in neighborhoods where evictions, vacant properties, and foreclosures have had damaging effects.

A group of people stand outside a home used for transitional housing after it lost funds due to the City of Seattle diverting resources to rapid re-housing.


The Overselling of Rapid Re-housing  

Rapid re-housing, originally a strategy to prevent homelessness for households experiencing a temporary financial crisis, is now being promoted widely as a broad solution. But in a high-cost area, it’s possible it might do more harm than good.

housing right sand art


The Week in Community Development—April 5

Homelessness is a national emergency, Doctors don’t quite get it, Gentrification doesn’t stand a chance, This hospital mandates paying a living wage, New HUD news, and more.


Homegrown Solutions To Inequity in Ferguson and Beyond

The debate about Ferguson continues: The grand jury decision is unfair to many; policing practices seem discriminatory and dangerous; and local court systems have been shown to prey upon low-income people. The sheer scope of the problems can be overwhelming. But let’s take a step back. Richard Rothstein’s “The Making of Ferguson“ links some modern […]


A Disastrous Week for Housing

In the United States, millions of people live in unaffordable and/or unhealthy homes or lack housing at all. If you wonder why, consider the events of October 10-13, 2015. On […]


Leveling the Playing Field

In 1997, a coalition of churches, environmental groups, developers, and government officials organized a campaign to help clean up Minnesota’s 4,000 acres of brownfields, the abandoned and polluted industrial land […]