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May/Jun 1994

Issue #75


Turf Wars

Squatters, or homesteaders, in New York City renovate abandoned buildings – and then try to prevent eviction by the city.


Start Your Engines: The Housing Movement and the Motor Voter Law

The Motor Voter law, which associates voter registration with drivers licenses, can improve voter turnout and could have important ramifications for the housing movement.


Holding Landlords Accountable

When landlords file for bankruptcy, can tenants get any protection or repairs?

Editor’s Note

In This Issue

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to repeat a rite of citizenship – voting. For just about two decades, I’ve been stepping into the booth, drawing the curtain […]


Shelter Shorts

ACORN Tenant Union Launched in Public Housing One of the worst legacies of the Reagan-Bush years is the state of the nation’s public housing. While the need for low-rent housing […]


Pro-Integrative Housing

The Suburban Racial Dilemma: Housing and Neighborhoods, by W. Dennis Keating, 1994 Philadelphia: Temple University Press.  288 pp $49.95 cloth, $22.95 paper Reviewed by Donald L. DeMarco All across America, […]


NHI Activities

Things move fast around here. Carole Norris, National Housing Institute’s newest board member, has just joined the National Congress of Community Economic Development as vice president. She can be reached […]


Washington News and Views

Community Reinvestment Act Reform Update In July, 1993, President Clinton requested that the four banking agencies begin a comprehensive review and overhaul of the regulation for the Community Reinvestment Act […]