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Things move fast around here.

Things move fast around here.

Carole Norris, National Housing Institute’s newest board member, has just joined the National Congress of Community Economic Development as vice president. She can be reached at NCCED at 202-234-5009.

NHI Executive Director and Shelterforce Editor Pat Morrissy was recently honored by the New Jersey Tenants Organization with the Ronald Atlas Leadership Award. Ronald Atlas was a founder of the NJTO and a member of the original Shelterforce Collective.

Over the past few months, John Atlas, NHI President, was the featured speaker at a citywide conference on “Clinton and the Urban Agenda” that was held at Columbia University in New York City; a Leadership NJ sponsored seminar on alternative ways to deliver human services; at William Paterson College on social change strategies; at Rutgers University’s Affordable Housing Institute on community based housing corporations and at Queens College in New York City where he spoke on the links between housing and labor. Atlas was the keynote speaker at a state conference in Baltimore, MD, that dealt with the CRA.

Atlas recently joined a task force of community organizations and professors to draft a plan to help Rutgers University provide research assistance to citizen housing groups and other activists organizations.

Atlas and NHI board member Peter Dreier were part of a Fannie Mae Research Roundtable that examined issues concerning the Homeowner Tax Deduction. Dreier was also a member of a Roundtable on Urban Policy held by HUD where he presented the paper: Community Empowerment Strategies: The Experience of Community Based Problem-Solving in America’s Urban Neighborhoods – Recommendations for Federal Policy. A copy of the report is available from NHI.

Shelterforce is the only independent, non-academic publication covering the worlds of community development, affordable housing, and neighborhood stabilization.


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