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Spring 2007

Issue #149

Shared-Equity Homeownership

Bringing Shared-Equity Homeownership to Scale

Public Housing

Lessons from a Chicago Saga

In “Waiting for Gautreaux,” Polikoff examines the 30-year effort to eliminate the Black ghetto and move Chicago Housing Authority tenants to integrated communities.

Organizing Strategy

Building For the Future

The supply of affordable housing in the San Francisco Bay Area is expected to increase in the next five years because of an innovative inclusionary-housing campaign led by the Non-Profit […]

Shelter Shorts

NYC Tenants Get a Break

Since 1994, only low-income New Yorkers in emergency circumstances-those fleeing domestic violence or families in shelters-could apply for federal housing assistance. But this year, from February until May, the NYC […]

Hope, Action, Change

Reading David Moberg’s article on presidential candidate Barack Obama’s days as a community organizer, I was struck by a quote from an Obama fundraising letter urging supporters to host local […]


Obama’s Third Way

Barack Obama carried lessons he learned as a community organizer to the political arena. Both organizers and politicians would be wise to study them closely.


Toward a Common Agenda

Growing shared-equity housing


Asset-Building Comes of Age

From IDAs to comprehensive community wealth building, the number of strategies to increase personal and collective assets is growing.

Community Development Field

A Winning Campaign

Housing advocates in Washington, D.C., marshaled four strategies for achieving inclusionary-zoning policies designed to protect affordability in a rapidly gentrifying city.

Community Control

The Purchase of a Lifetime

The bank balked. Neighbors grumbled. But these poor tenants would not be swept away in the real estate boom.

Community Land Trusts

City Hall Steps In

Local governments are embracing community land trusts to promote and preserve affordable housing.


Gaining Ground

Manufactured-home communities, long vulnerable to displacement at the whim of park owners, are working with nonprofit partners to increase resident ownership of the land.



With the publication last fall of Shared Equity Homeownership: the Changing Landscape of Resale-restricted, Owner-occupied Housing, the National Housing Institute completed the first phase of a long-term project for documenting […]


Too Much of a Good Thing?

Housing First may have gone a long way toward taking homeless individuals off the street, but it’s leaving families out in the cold.

Shelter Shorts

An A for Effort

When it comes to covering affordable housing and homelessness crises that plague our country, the press has given it the good-old college try. Small-town papers like California’s Modesto Bee and […]

Shelter Shorts

Passing the Buck

Testifying before the U.S. Senate Banking Committee on the effects that predatory lending and exotic mortgages have on the rising rate of home foreclosures, Douglas G. Duncan, senior vice president […]


On a Positive Note

House Committee on Financial Services chair Barney Frank’s plan to include provisions for an Affordable Housing Fund in the House version of regulatory reform legislation governing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac […]

Shelter Shorts

School House Rocks

One Missouri school district has given new meaning to “no child left behind.” Discouraged by the number of homeless students in its district, and by the limited shelter options available […]

Community Development Field

MacArthur Foundation Earmarks $25 Million for Housing Research

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation plans to invest $25 million over the next five years in research into the causes, effects and solutions to the nation’s affordable-housing […]