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Rosanne Haggerty is an American housing and community development leader, and founder of Common Ground Community and later of Community Solutions.
Housing Advocacy

What If We Don’t Knock It Down? Re-Imagining Public Housing

The New York City Housing Authority’s  (NYCHA) plan to build mixed income housing on some of its properties has prompted both admiration and suspicion. It also raises the question of […]

Housing Advocacy

You Can’t Build What People Want: Building Codes vs Affordability

Do you want to share housing expenses with more than two of your friends? Create a separate apartment within your home for your aging parent? Build small studio apartments or […]

Housing Advocacy

Collective Action for Stronger Communities

Shortly after President Obama’s second inaugural address calling for collective action on our greatest national challenges, I happened to speak with someone curious about Community Solutions' work in two high […]

Housing Advocacy

How Hurricane Sandy Can Change Perceptions of Homelessness

Dramatic advances in medical treatments emerge in times of war. How might the housing crisis created by Hurricane Sandy advance our housing systems? The storm-related housing emergency that currently exists […]