Miriam Axel-Lute

Miriam Axel-Lute is CEO/editor-in-chief of Shelterforce. She lives in Albany, New York, and is a proud small-city aficionado.

Interview with Senator Robert Menendez

Shelterforce talks with Sen. Robert Menendez about the ongoing federal response to the housing crisis, the Sustainable Communities Initiative, the Occupy movement, and more.

Author Roundtable

Shelterforce authors discuss the roles of place, mobility, and displacement on health and neighborhoods.

Don’t Dump on Us

If it were not acceptable for anyone to suffer from substandard housing or the problems of disinvested neighborhoods, then many of the public health issues facing us would be automatically reduced.

Six Steps to Stabilize High-Foreclosure Neighborhoods

1. Don't Let the Lenders Lie. When lenders and servicers say they can't modify the principal on a loan because...

The Partners of Neighborhood Stabilization

This post is part of an ongoing series based on the National Fair Housing Alliance report, “The Banks Are Back,...

The Hard Part

Reclaiming REO at a scale that protects neighborhoods will involve a delicate dance between ground game and national reach, and between nonprofit and for-profit capacities.

Going Upstream

If a lender won’t or can’t modify, why wait until they foreclose? Some groups are taking matters into their own hands with note purchases or short sale programs.

Capital Markets and Neighborhood Stabilization

It’s not often that a nonprofit housing developer sits down with a hedge fund manager, or someone from an investment bank who is outside of the philanthropic or CRA departments.

Strange Bedfellows

What does it mean to stabilize neighborhoods at scale? Barring the appearance of a community development fairy godmother, it means having resources. The past...

Awardees Honored at NLIHC 2012

The National Low Income Housing Coalition gave out a number of  its annual awards this morning at its annual...

Four Kinds of Concentrated Areas of Poverty

In a fair housing workshop yesterday at the National Low Income Housing Coalition's annual conference Sara Pratt of HUD's Office of Fair...

Fair Housing News from NLIHC 2012

The much-anticipated new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule is not yet out, and probably won't be available for comment for...

With Merger, Enterprise Expands Financing for “Workforce” Housing, Commercial

Enterprise Community Investment, the for-profit financing subsidiary of Enterprise Community Partners, has merged with Bellwether Real Estate Capital to form Bellwether...

Everyone Saves with Short Sales

Short sale—in which a home is sold for less than the balance due on the mortgage but the lender accepts...

Raising Rents on the Poorest of the Poor?

Lest we get totally lost in the (important) debates about principal reduction and restructuring the secondary market, Barbara Sard of...

Interview with Shelley Poticha, Director of Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities

Shelterforce speaks with Shelley Poticha, director of HUD's Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities, about implementing sustainable policy at the federal level while encouraging local innovation, keeping down the cost of green housing, and effecting change while dealing with federal government bureaucracy.

True Costs, True Responsibilities

This past July, a Voice of San Diego investigation charged that rather than doing its job of providing “homes for those who can’t pay...

Work That Needs Doing

How many times have you pointed to something in your community and said “If only we could put someone to work fixing that ?” The...

Getting to 99%

I find the occupation of Wall Street terribly exciting. But of course, this is not the first protest of this sort in response to the...

CLTs Go Commercial

The idea of turning the community land trust model into an economic development tool is attracting growing interest, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions about how it would work.

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