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Greg Rosenberg is a freelance consultant, with a diverse practice focusing on affordable housing, universal design, community land trusts, sustainable development practices, urban agriculture, distance learning, and technology for nonprofits. He is the former Academy Director for the National Community Land Trust Network, and previously served as Executive Director of the Madison Area Community Land Trust, where he managed development of the nationally award-winning Troy Gardens eco-village. He is a licensed attorney, a LEED AP, and is still working up the courage to play blues guitar at open mic night.
Housing Advocacy

Sell the CLT Movement For What It Is: Radical and Superior

This morning I taught what was probably my millionth class on community land trusts—but this one was different. This was a course for the Democracy Convention, the second national gathering […]

A Jazz in the Garden session at Clayton Williams Community Garden in Harlem.
Neighborhood Change

Hanging on to the Land

Community gardens and urban agriculture are crucial gathering places—and revitalizing forces—in neighborhoods with lots of vacancy and low values. But what happens to them when the market turns around?


Romney’s Tax Plan Could Spell Doom for the Nonprofit Housing Sector

This presidential race continues to be a disaster when it comes to issues we care about.  No mention of affordable housing, no real debate on how to solve the ongoing […]

Community Control

Letter to the East London CLT: The 2012 Olympics

In a month, I’m going across the pond at the invitation of the East London Community Land Trust, to meet with lots of folks and also deliver what they hope […]


Too Much Measurement

I'm a data guy. I loved statistics in grad school. I crank through spreadsheets on a daily basis. I've coordinated two national surveys on community land trusts and co-authored an […]

Housing Advocacy

Decision 2012: What About Housing?

I just took a stroll through the Obama and Romney campaign Web sites, and neither candidate's list of “issues” includes “housing,” “mortgage,” or “foreclosure.”  Apparently the housing crisis that brought […]

Housing Advocacy

In Wisconsin: On the Ground In Solidarity

This past Saturday 80,000 of my closest friends and I rallied at the capitol in Madison. This time I volunteered to be a marshall. We had a brief orientation at […]