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Eric Dunn is the litigation director at the National Housing Law Project, and co-counsel for the plaintiffs in CFHC, Arroyo v. Corelogic Rental Property Solutions, LLC. A housing rights advocate for 19 years in Detroit, Michigan, and Seattle, Washington, Dunn is now based in Richmond, Virginia.

How State and Local Governments Can Avoid Mass Evictions

Beyond the immediate need to stop mass evictions, there is much more that state and local officials can do to facilitate housing stability in a longer-term transition out of the pandemic emergency. The time for those critical measures is now.


What an Effective Eviction Moratorium Must Include

An eviction moratorium must hit all five phases of eviction to protect public health. Here’s what’s needed for an eviction halt policy to do its job.

woman in wheelchair approaches door of house
Fair Housing

When a Renter with Disabilities Is Denied Housing

Renters with disabilities are often unable to meet the kinds of admission criteria that landlords establish for their properties.