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Barbara Sard is vice president for housing policy at the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. She served 18 months as senior advisor on rental assistance to HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan. She previously held the director’s position at CBPP between 1997 and 2009.

Vouchers Are Helping Children Avoid Concentrated Poverty

More than 5 million people in some 2 million low-income families use Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) to help them afford decent housing. Although the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program makes little difference in where poor white families with children live, it makes a large difference for poor families of color, as our recent paper explains. […]


HUD Improves Project-Based Voucher Program But More Remains to Be Done

HUD has recently made some important changes to the rules for its Project-Based Voucher (PBV) program, which helps families live in affordable rental housing. The PBV program combines two standard […]


In Schools, Eliminating Poverty Stigma Could End Child Hunger

More Americans live in high-poverty neighborhoods than ever before, according to a recent Century Foundation report, and many of them struggle to provide enough healthy food for their children. Children […]

Housing Advocacy

A Boost to Vouchers Would Be a Boost for Kids

More than 5 million people in 2.1 million low-income families use the Housing Choice Voucher program to help pay for housing that they find in the private market. Expanding and […]


Threat to Low-Income Renters Will Get Worse, Unless Congress Acts

Budget Cuts Threaten Rental Assistance to Families Across the Country Congress has set a deadline of Dec. 13 to negotiate a final budget deal for fiscal year 2014. For low-income […]


Helping Families Use Vouchers to Move to High-Opportunity Neighborhoods

It is well known that where people live can have a big impact on their life. For children, that can affect not only their health, safety, and development, but also […]


Time for a Renters’ Tax Credit

It’s time to rethink the nation’s housing policy. We’ve focused for decades on policies to increase homeownership, and most federal housing dollars benefit families with relatively little need for assistance.  […]


Preserving Safe, High Quality Public Housing Should Be a Federal Priority

A report I recently co-authored for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities examines the state of public housing in the United States today using significant new research on the […]


Credit Where Credit is Due

I wholeheartedly agree with Peter Dreier that housing activists should join with others to support policies that would lift the working poor (and other poor people) out of poverty. I […]


Housing and Welfare Reform

Although welfare and housing assistance systems are designed and administered separately from each other, their beneficiaries overlap to a substantial degree. Especially in the wake of welfare reform, this intersection […]