View from the parking lot of two two-story motel-like apartment buildings, painted a sage green with black exterior stairway leading to the second floor apartments. Shrubs in the yard between the buildings include crape myrtle. A dark green minivan is parked in the lot and beyond it, a red sedan. The sky is blue with large cumulus clouds.


Rising Property Insurance Costs: The Threat to Affordable Housing

This video and related articles explore a ballooning crisis endangering affordable housing, even as the need for it keeps growing.

Las Brisas, a 68-unit apartment building in central Houston. Photo courtesy of Avenue

The skyrocketing cost of property insurance is endangering the future of affordable housing, even as the need for housing itself is growing. Franklin Schneider has been reporting on the situation for Shelterforce, and we’ve put together his articles and an introductory video that explains the scope of the problem.

Soaring Property Insurance Rates Threaten Affordable Housing Development—Rapidly rising insurance premiums are forcing affordable housing developers to cut back on programming, lay off staff, and even sell properties. To add insult to injury, some insurers also seem to be adding penalties or withdrawing coverage for housing-voucher holders.

Are Insurance Problems on The Horizon for Community Development Groups?—A mistaken cancellation letter to a national membership organization might indicate trouble to come for on-the-ground community development organizations.

Reining in Rising Property Insurance Rates—There are many proposed ways to mitigate the property insurance cost crisis. They all require the federal or state governments to act.

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