Gale Cincotta Reminds Us: The Next Move Is Always Ours

We have a review up by Ted Wysocki of Gale Force, the biography of Gale Cincotta. Cincotta is the legendary (in our field at least) Chicago organizer who rallied people against redlining and helped build the movement that would win passage of the Community Reinvestment Act and HMDA, and found National People’s Action, which is still out there raising (good) hell today.

Wysocki, who worked for Cincotta for many years, calls the book:

a superb biography of a true American hero and an exceptional oral history of the 1970s and the growth of the neighborhood movement as a direct descendant of the civil rights movement of the 1960s. In these troubled economic and political times, this book is extremely relevant today.

The authors chose to tell this story from the perspective of those who lived these times and through articles from the national newsletter, DISCLOSURE, that I founded for Cincotta to chronicle how communities across the country were being victimized by the government. “We have found the enemy, and it’s not us,” Gale was noted for saying.

Read the full review here.





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