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It’s Not Actually About Ownership

Private Property and Public Power: Eminent Domain in Philadelphia, by Debbie Becher. Oxford University Press, 2014. 334pp. $30.50 (paper) Purchase here.

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Home Alone, Chinese-Style

Chinese bloggers called it a “nail house”—a private home in the Chinese city of Chongqing that became a thorn in the side of local authorities and big-business interests. Its owners, […]


Will Columbia Take Manhattanville?

Balancing an Ivy League university’s expansion plan with a Harlem neighborhood’s needs is a tricky business, especially when eminent domain is in the mix.


Taming Eminent Domain

We can harness backlash against eminent domain abuses in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s Kelo decision to bring about genuine community empowerment in the redevelopment process.


Take and Give

Turning eminent domain into a tool for creating vital communities hinges on crafting a delicate balance between all who stand to benefit — or lose out — from the transformation of a neighborhood.