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Summer 2007

Issue #150

Subprime Slide

Subprime Slide: Has the foreclosure crisis knocked affordable homeownership off its foundations?


The ABCs of Organizing

I left a perfectly good job in a curtain factory in Holyoke, Mass., in 1971 to work in a neighborhood organization on the south side of Providence, Rhode Island. I […]


Praise for the Peacock

Shelterforce never shies away from chiding mainstream media for ignoring America’s affordable-housing crisis, so we shouldn’t hesitate to give praise where it’s due. Kudos to’s Rising from Ruin an […]


Not That Happy Anymore

Things are heating up in Anaheim, Calif., where a dispute between the city council, a housing developer, and the Walt Disney Company has turned “the happiest place on earth” into […]


Stripped of Duty

All 22 staff members of the Berkeley Housing Authority were fired in late spring after an investigation uncovered abuses within the agency, which receives $25 million in federal funds each […]


A Hometown with You in Mind?

A new book rating more than 400 U.S. metropolitan areas taps Gainesville, Fla., as the best place to live in the country. In the second edition of “Cities Ranked & […]

Editor’s Note

Conversation Starter

How do we take care of our own? It’s a deceptively simple question that’s so fraught with contention in the American public discourse that we could devote this and every […]


Building a Better Housing Policy

Shelterforce editor Alice Chasan talks to Jonathan F. Fanton, president of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, about an ambitious new project aimed at reframing the national conversation about why housing matters.

Neighborhood Change

Small is Beautiful – Again

The shrinking cities movement imagines revitalization without growth – and housing advocates take a hard look at what that means for the poor.


Mock the Vote

Since the Justice Department axed nine U.S. attorneys, all eyes have been on Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, but the scandal began with a GOP strategy to stifle grass-roots registration of poor minority voters.


Weathering the Storm

As the foreclosure tsunami sweeps through Ohio’s communities, housing advocates devise strategies to keep homeowners from being pulled under.


Meeting the Foreclosure Crisis

Every day, news reports document rising foreclosures and their growing impact on our economy. As the congressional representative from Ohio’s north coast – a region with one of the highest […]


Losing Ground

In communities of color throughout New York City, growing numbers of homeowners with subprime mortgages are finding themselves at risk of losing their homes, the bitter fruit of years of predatory lending practices.


American Nightmare

Homeowners under threat of foreclosure suffer a level of trauma that’s largely invisible to most Americans, while professionals working to keep people in their homes are often overwhelmed by the complexity of the crisis.

Organizing Strategy

A Matter of Trust

Although a March 2007 Zogby International poll found that affordable housing was an important election issue, most elected officials have yet to place creating a housing trust fund at the […]


Martinez Makes Amends

Housing advocates are wondering if Mel Martinez had a conversion on the road to the Capitol. His record as HUD secretary merited failing grades on affordable-housing production and homelessness. Since […]


Half-Truths on the Hudson

Through the rose-colored glasses of USA Today, Jersey City looks fabulous. America’s newspaper ran a feature article describing how the Hudson County city-long before “The Sopranos,” the butt of a […]

Long Time Coming

After 40 years of abuse and neglect, will the residents of D.C.’s once-vibrant Shaw neighborhood succeed in redefining the value of people and place?