Karen Ceraso

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Karen Ceraso was an editor at Shelterforce from 1995 to 1999.

Partners in Policing

When Nutley, New Jersey, Police Chief Robert DeLitta and Sgt. Steve Rogers saw a letter in the local newspaper from an African-American woman who was having trouble renting an apartment […]

Remembering Rights

Without safe streets, decent housing is nothing more than a comfortable prison. In many low-income neighborhoods, community organizations have tackled the problems that crime and open air drug markets bring. […]

Holding Ground: The Rebirth of Dudley Street

  Holding Ground: The Rebirth of Dudley Street , 58 minute video produced by Leah Mahan and Mark Lipman, Holding Ground Productions, will be aired on public television beginning in […]


Fighting for Worker’s Rights in Maine

Years of alleged wage, immigration, safety, and civil rights violations, environmental sanctions, and other infractions at the DeCoster egg farm in Turner, Maine, have led to a new state law […]


Halfway Home

A transitional housing and treatment center in Newark helps women re-learn how to live As Diane Glauber points out in this issue, transitional housing is often viewed more as a […]


Community Baking at the Greyston Foundation

The Greyston Foundation blends personal transformation, entrepreneurship, and Zen Buddhist philosophy. They use a bakery to provide jobs to the homeless.


CRA Guerrilla Fighter, Bruce Marks

After a raucous Senate Banking Committee hearing exploring Fleet Financial Group’s record on lending to minority communities, the Federal Reserve Board governors agreed to consider taking action against the New […]

A snail darter

Spotted Owl, Snail Darter and… Rent Control

Is Rent Control Heading for Extinction? In signing Massachusetts rent-control’s death warrant in January, Gov. William Weld effectively dropped the number of U.S. states with rent control to three: California, […]


Is Mixed-Income Housing the Key?

An old idea is becoming conventional wisdom as private and public affordable housing providers create mixed-income multifamily housing. In a book-filled room at the New Settlement Apartments in the West […]