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Justin Edwards is the co-author of “Ownership and Asset Building in Housing Credit Properties: Key Takeaways from the Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future Member Portfolio,” a report published in May 2022. He is now a law student at Harvard Law School.
An aerial view of a large, four-story, U-shaped housing development, still being built, and surrounded by settled neighborhoods on the three sides that are visible. The roof is white and the various sections of the exterior walls are blue, tan, brick, or white. The ground around the structure is still raw dirt, with several trucks and machines in view.
Community Control

Can Residents Get More Out of Tax Credit Housing?

Arrangements in which LIHTC tenants share in the development’s financial benefits, or become partial or full owners, are rare—but some properties have pulled them off. This scan of several examples shows the possibilities—and the conditions needed for them to succeed.