James Anderson

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James A. Anderson is a professor of English at Lehman College, the Bronx campus of the City University of New York.

Reaching Out to Voters in the Justice System

Many people lose their right to vote while incarcerated and don’t regain it after their sentences are over. There are many more people involved in the justice system who can vote but don’t know it. Communities could increase their political power if they could reach these voters.

A photo of the Rush University Medical Center.

Connecting Companies to Business

A Chicago organization is bringing together local businesses and large institutions to promote economic growth.

Neighborhood Change

Above the Fray?

As the school reform debates rage on, community groups struggle to stay out of the politics and yet keep influencing the quality of education in their neighborhoods.


Learning to Stretch

Community development corporations find ways to embrace new immigrant communities and new challenges.

Capital Catch-up

Community lenders try to address the capital crunch faced by small businesses of color.