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Donna Price—An Organizer in Detroit

Once homeless, Donna Price persevered with unshakable strength, which landed her in a position she once couldn’t imagine.

This week Shelterforce and Community Change launches their Women of Color on the Front Lines video series, which profiles women of color who are fighting on the frontlines of today’s most pressing issues. To kick off the series, we would like to introduce you to Donna Price, a volunteer organizer with Detroit Action, a grassroots and member-led, multigenerational, community-based organization that is fighting for real political power. Price reveals how she took a hopeless situation and made it hopeful. Once homeless, Price persevered with unshakable strength, which landed her in a position she once couldn’t imagine.

She truly embodies Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s words, “If you don’t have a seat at the table then you are probably on the menu.”

Allow yourself to experience a brief moment of Price’s journey through her eyes. Feel free to use this story to underscore that women of color play a huge role in the transformation of communities across this country.

Donna Price’s story is part of Women of Color on the Front Lines, a video series produced by Shelterforce and Community Change. If you’re enjoying this series, please consider becoming a supporter. We can’t do this work without you.

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