Photo Contest: Aging With Dignity

Do you have a senior housing development? Are you helping seniors age in place with supportive housing, accessibility retrofits, home repair assistance, creative financial solutions, or other services? Are you organizing against financial abuse for seniors? Does your organization run on the power of retirees and their volunteerism?

Share their faces and stories with your colleagues!

Send Shelterforce your best photos of seniors you work with and for, with a caption of up to 150 words telling us about the person and your organization's relationship to them.

If we select you photo to print in our upcoming issue of Shelterforce on these topics, we'll credit you and your organization and give you a free one-year subscription to the print magazine. If we select your photo for the cover, we'll give you a free two-year subscription, a one-year gift subscription to the person of your choice, and five additional copies of the publication where it appears.

Specs: Photos must be a minimum of 1600 pixels wide. To be considered for the cover they must be vertically oriented, a minimum of 2400 pixels wide, and have open space suitable for text. Shelterforce cannot guarantee that one of the submissions will be chosen for the cover. By submitting photos, you give Shelterforce the non-exclusive right to use them, with credit, in print, any reprints of the article, and with the online version of the article with which it appears.

Deadline: Send photos, or links to download photos, to: by Dec 31

Photo by Sirenz Lorraine


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