Budget Reaction Roundup: Social Security Cuts Dominate

Reaction to Obama's proposed FY 2014 is coming in fast and, in some cases, furious. We're seeing mixed feedback to his proposals, with some lauding the benefits of compromise while others have despaired of Obama's offering of cuts to earned benefits, saying it's a disastrous move that won't even result in any gains in revenue from intransigent opponents.

Over the next few weeks we'll be posting budget reaction from various groups on Rooflines. In the meantime, here's a roundup of links from around the web on Obama's plans for Social Security, housing funding and anti-poverty initiatives:
On Social Security:

Robert Reich breaks down the problem with Obama's negotiating tactics.

George E. Curry agrees. He says, “In a failing effort to garner Republican support, Obama keeps offering up programs cherished by progressives, sometimes before the negotiating begins.”

Over at Mother Jones, Erika Eichelberger sums up the Democrats' shock and appall at Obama's proposals for cutting earned benefits.

By the numbers: Dylan Matthews shows the effect of the CPI proposal on Social Security benefits

Mark Karlin offers his own assessment: “Obama is no longer an opponent of the trumped up “austerity” movement; he is driving the bus.”

In a press statement, the National Council of La Raza says, “the president's plan overemphasizes cuts that place an undue burden on vulnerable Latino seniors and families without raising sufficient revenue that could support efforts to create new jobs and expand economic opportunity.”

On Housing Funding:

A summary of the budget's proposals for low-income housing by the Indiana Association for Community Economic Development.

Jason Oliva says the future is uncertain for housing counseling services.

Who's gettinng what? Christina Mlynski has the numbers for funding to various housing programs.

On Anti-poverty Iniatives:

Deborah Weinstein says poverty iniatitives face an uphill battle in Obama's budget.

(This post is part of a series on the president's 2014 budget.)

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