Ten Ways that CDCs Must Innovate

  1. CDCs need to more effectively balance money and mission to ensure long-term financial viability.
  2. CDCs need to develop and implement strategies that respond strategically to the specific local market.
  3. Emphasize collaborations and partnerships.
  4. Break down traditional boundaries between the community development field and other sectors working to improve neighborhoods.
  5. Diversify the senior professional leadership in CDCs to better reflect the community.
  6. Recognize and respond to changing neighborhoods and constituencies.
  7. Operate within local, regional, and statewide networks and design strategies based on the most effective role within those networks
  8. Nurture a new generation of leadership.
  9. Establish partnerships, shared staffing models, and support
    mergers if necessary.
  10. Stay away from the “one-size-fits-all” answer to how CDCs should operate. Diversity is a strength.

Joe Kriesberg is the executive director of the Massachusetts Association of CDCs.


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