Frayed Democratic Fabric? Try Tissue of Lies

In his post today on Rooflines, my colleague Matthew Hersh lays out the “What If” scenarios aswirl in the zeitgeist in the weeks leading up to the election.

With the memories of the 2000 and 2004 elections still painfully fresh in the American consciousness, we’d like to believe that we won’t be fooled again by a combination of voter intimidation and suppression tactics on Nov. 4, 2008.

Sure, we’re all feeling hyper-vigilant. But that hasn’t stopped the McCain campaign’s shameless efforts to sow the seeds of suspicion about the legitimacy of the wildly successful voter-registration efforts during the run-up to this momentous vote.

Watch Stephen Colbert’s skewering of the GOP operation to paint ACORN as the arch-perpetrator of “voter fraud” and to equate the grass-roots community-organizing group’s voter-registration efforts as, in the words of John McCain, bent on “destroying the fabric of democracy.”

Can’t top that.

Colbert’s send-up of the McCain campaign’s Newspeak devastatingly deconstructs the way the politics of fear is being used to morph a historically effective voter-registration drive into a “massive voter fraud” scare.

Alice Chasan served as editor and associate publisher of Shelterforce from 2007 to 2008.


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