Something Completely Different…

For those looking for some light summer entertainment, try You Don’t Mess With The Zohan. Adam Sandler and crew take on the unlikely tale of a Mossad agent who decides to act on a long-buried desire to become, what else, a hairdresser. Zohan fakes his own death and makes his way to New York City — where he finds work in a salon owned by a fetching Palestinian stylist.

“Zohan” isn’t for everyone: If you are sensitive to stereotypes, beware this film — it’s loaded with ‘em.

The Israelis and Palestinians, for example, live on opposite sides of the same street. Israelis working for perennially “Going Out Of Business” electronics stores, while the Palestinians all drive taxicabs. No one trusts anyone until, toward the end of the film, they join forces to fight a common enemy — an evil real-estate developer who wants to tear down their homey neighborhood to build a soulless shopping mall. Their opposition to the plan brings Israelis and Palestinians together to fight the project.

Who knew? The first comedy hit of the summer is about neighborhood change and community action.


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