Tag: Sustainability

Taking the LEED in Your Community

Through local and regional initiatives, communities are tailoring the eco-revolution for their backyards.

The Green New Deal

Majora Carter saw natural beauty and economic empowerment in her South Bronx neighborhood where others saw only a dumping ground. She's changing the urban landscape in a way that's been an eye-opener to people around the globe.

Making Food Deserts Bloom

Finding fresh produce in low-income neighborhoods can be a struggle, but community efforts are striving to fill the void.

Free Transit?

New York City’s attempt to pass a congestion pricing plan like those that have been so successful in London and elsewhere was killed a...

Sustainability’s Bottom Line

Are our presidential candidates (yes, including vice presidential candidate Clinton) thinking about sustainable initiatives for environmental improvement, city vitality, and sound fiscal order? Or...

The Big Blue Bin

Remember back in the ’70s, when people used to ask if you believed in ecology? Meaning, of course, do you support saving the...

Preparing for Peak Oil: Nutty Survivalism or Crucial Equity Issue?

Should community developers and other low-income community advocates be concerned about preparing for life after peak oil? We all know that the greed of...

Could High Gas Prices Have Positive Side Effects?

With The New York Times reporting an increase in mass-transit ridership as gas prices continue to climb, I’m reminded of my days as a...