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After the Fire: Bronx Residents Return to Building that Burned

A deadly fire in an affordable housing complex in the Bronx was said to have been caused by a space heater. But a pattern of negligence created the conditions for the tragedy, and made the fire more deadly.

5 Things Cities and CDCs Don’t Get About Code Enforcement

In most circles, all you have to do is say “code enforcement” and people start mumbling about previous engagements. As I’ve been increasingly immersed in...

Pianka’s Peers

While Judge Raymond Pianka’s methods are unusual, he is not alone in exploring these sorts of remedies. Pianka often appears at national conferences with...

A Victory Over the Slumlords

In response to tenant organizing, the Washington state legislature approved a bill that requires landlords to pay for relocation assistance for tenants forced out of their homes by the landlords' own negligence.

Holding Landlords Accountable

When landlords file for bankruptcy, can tenants get any protection or repairs?