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Mar/Apr 1997

Issue #92


Restoring Order

Community Residents Lead the Way to Safer Neighborhoods In towns and cities across America, community residents fed up with escalating crime have banded together to take back their neighborhoods. Residents […]


Partners in Policing

When Nutley, New Jersey, Police Chief Robert DeLitta and Sgt. Steve Rogers saw a letter in the local newspaper from an African-American woman who was having trouble renting an apartment […]


Drug War in St. Paul

Tenants, Cops, and Community Organizing On the night of February 25 1995, St. Paul police and a city housing inspector arrived at the home of Louise and Carl with their […]


Organization Profile

REACH of Portland, Oregon In the early 1980s, REACH, a fledgling community development corporation (CDC) in Portland, Oregon, formed a complicated limited partnership to buy a vacant lot and several […]

Remembering Rights

Without safe streets, decent housing is nothing more than a comfortable prison. In many low-income neighborhoods, community organizations have tackled the problems that crime and open air drug markets bring. […]

Shelter Shorts

Shelter Shorts / Short Takes

Rent War Rages in New York City A pitched battle is underway in New York State, as landlord and tenant advocates square off over the expiration of rent regulations this […]

Organizing Strategy

Gaining Ground by Holding Back

Late last year, St. Louis ACORN members learned that Regional Hospital – the city’s only “safety net” hospital that guaranteed care regardless of ability to pay – was going to […]


Everything I Know About Fundraising

In 1980, a few weeks after Ronald Reagan was elected President, I answered a classified ad in the Portland Oregonian. The first word was ACTIVIST. I can’t remember the rest […]

Book Review (Revitalizing Urban Neighborhoods, Reinventing Cities)

The Last Best Hope: Planners and Organizers Work To Empower Residents Revitalizing Urban Neighborhoods, edited by W. Dennis Keating, Norman Krumholtz, Philip Star. 1996, University Press of Kansas. Reinventing Cities: […]

Holding Ground: The Rebirth of Dudley Street

  Holding Ground: The Rebirth of Dudley Street , 58 minute video produced by Leah Mahan and Mark Lipman, Holding Ground Productions, will be aired on public television beginning in […]


Creating Better Futures

On February 28, 1997, over 50 homeless advocates, service providers, public housing residents, organizers, developers, government officials, academics, and others met for a forum on housing that began the Creating […]