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Sep/Oct 1996

Issue #89

Community Development Field

When in Doubt, Think

In the words of Gandhi, “If the cause is right, the means will come.” There are resources out there – in every community, however small and however poor. We need […]

Community Development Field

What if Everyone Had A Job?

When I read about efforts to build community, I continue to be struck by the fact that those who operate at the neighborhood level seem not to pay real attention […]


Housing-Led Economic Development

Managing Housing Assets for Economic Development of Residents Nonprofit housing organizations have become significant producers of affordable housing, with more than 400,000 affordable units to their credit through 1993, according […]


Program-Related Investments

As foundations and corporate funders search for new ways to extend their assets and increase the impact of their programs, a growing number have begun to provide financing through program-related […]


Creating Stakeholders with Individual Development Accounts 

  Millions of Americans have built assets and improved their economic standing through higher education, business creation, and homeownership. Yet in order to engage in such efforts, most people need […]


One Paycheck Away—A Family’s Path to Homelessness

When the Sjoblom family realized they might soon lose their home in Matawan, New Jersey, Diane Sjoblom found the National Coalition for the Homeless. Through email, letters, and telephone conversations, NCH reconstructed their journey into homelessness and ensuing efforts to find living wage employment to improve their situation.

One Solution Is…

Our nation is in the middle of a painful and divisive chicken and egg debate. As many troubled communities face devastatingly high unemployment rates, they are also experiencing rampant family […]

Organizing Strategy

All Organizing is Constant Re-organizing

In 1990, a manufacturing plant in San Antonio laid off more than 1,000 employees, most of them Mexican-American women with limited formal education. The local economy had already lost 14,000 […]


Mark to Market Advances in HUD/VA Measure

With Section 8 contracts due to expire on over one million assisted and insured housing units during the next decade, Congress has proposed its second demonstration in two years concerning […]


Moving Toward The Market

Nonprofit Enterprise In a Changing World The basic strategies for addressing the problem of homelessness in the United States have progressed from emergency shelter to affordable housing to housing with […]