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Nov/Dec 1994

Issue #78

This issue is a roundup of opinion on the recent sea change in American politics, including articles by Jesse Jackson and New York Times columnist Bob Herbert.


A Simple Case of Fraud

The Democrats were no prize, but the Republican Party is approximately as friendly to the cities as the Visigoths were to Rome.


Caught Off Base

EYES RIGHT!: Reflections on the Nov. 8th Elections What do the election returns tell us? First, Republicans did not win so much as Democrats – particularly conservative Democrats – lost. […]


The Wake-Up Call

EYES RIGHT!: Reflections on the November 8th Elections What makes this moment so difficult is not just the growing strength of the right wing. It is the weakness of progressive […]


Election Day Victories

EYES RIGHT!: Reflections on the Nov. 8 Elections At the top of the ticket, where the pundits put all their attention, Nov. 8, 1994, was a depressing election day for […]


Jerry E. Abramson, Louisville Kentucky’s Progressive Mayor on Housing and Community Development

Housing is a serious issue in Louisville, Kentucky. Last October was Affordable Housing Month, a month sponsored by the Metropolitan Housing Coalition (MHC) that brought together scores of neighborhood activists, […]


The Neighborhood Institute: Training Citizens and Preparing Leaders

Since the 1960s, citizen participation in community development has been an ideal intended to spur neighborhood revitalization. Yet that ideal – embedded in such programs as CDBG and HOME – […]


A Nation in Trouble

Most of us feel today that this country and its communities are in serious trouble. We don’t, however, see anyone doing anything ambitious enough to matter. What you are about […]


Building a Strong Movement for Housing Justice

For two decades, the National Low-Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) has been in the forefront of the struggle for decent housing for the poor. It has consistently exposed our lopsided housing […]

Organizing Strategy

Holding Politicians Accountable

The elections of 1994 demonstrated the power of constituent organizing (mostly done by the right wing), the dissatisfaction of many voters with the current work of elected officials, and the […]

Editor’s Note

In This Issue

We must “return to independent action, organizing a broad movement for economic justice for poor and working people,” Jesse Jackson admonishes us in this issue’s roundup of opinion on the […]


Washington News and Views

From the National Alliance to End Homelessness Clinton Administration to Propose HUD Reinvention The Clinton Administration has thought better of a plan it had formulated to eliminate the Department of […]


The 104th Congress: What’s In Store?

The next Congress must continue to address the real housing and community development needs that went untended during the 1980s.