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Jul/Aug 1994

Issue #76


Energy and Low-Income Housing: Part I

Access to service, late payment charges, credit, and discounted rates all figure in the quest for affordable utilities.


Energy and Low-Income Housing: Part II

In the past, members of the community development movement have had little to do with anything that smacks of environmentalism. Conversely, members of the mainstream American environmental movement have shown […]


Effective Community Development

The criteria used to define an “effective” community development organization may differ markedly from observer to observer. Many organizations gauge their success in largely quantitative terms – the number of […]

Community Development Field

Getting the Most From Technical Assistance

The Community Training and Assistance Center (CTAC) is a nonprofit organization devoted to developing vision, leadership, planning and managerial expertise within low-income, urban communities throughout the United States. Since 1979, […]


Shelter Shorts

California tenants save rent control with major grassroots effort In a major, hard-won victory for tenants, the Senate Judiciary Committee defeated AB 1320 (Costa), the primary rent control preemption bill […]


Citizen Participation, Neighborhood Planning And Empowerment Of The Poor

The Rebirth of Urban Democracy by Jeffrey M. Berry, Kent E. Portney and Ken Thomson. 1993. Washington, DC The Brookings Institution. 326 pp. Cloth $36.95. Paperback $16.95. Streets of Hope: […]


Washington News and Views

From the Center for Community Change HUD Announces Field Hearings On Discrimination In Property Insurance U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is issuing a Fair Housing Act regulation […]