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Fall 2007

Issue #151

Housing and Presidential Politics

In this issue, Peter Dreier, Barbara Sard, and Greg Squires point the presidential candidates in the direction of some promising strategies for redressing income inequality and the structural roots of residential and school segregation.


Credit Where Credit is Due

I wholeheartedly agree with Peter Dreier that housing activists should join with others to support policies that would lift the working poor (and other poor people) out of poverty. I […]


Suffer the Little Children

Why is it that no good policy goes unpunished in the Bush administration? Since its inception in 1997, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-Chip) has provided health insurance to […]

Organizing Strategy

Homeless Revolution

An organization of homeless New Yorkers rallied residents of Harlem and Manhattan to stand up and take notice of the city’s long-standing practice of warehousing vacant properties.


Advancing Power

Transforming the City: Community Organizing and the Challenge of Political Change, edited by Marion Orr. Lawrence, Kansas: University Press of Kansas, 2007, 264 pp. $19.95 (paperback). Good writing on community […]

Editor’s Note

Promises in the Rose Garden

Edward Gramlich, who died in early September, spent years as the lone voice on the Federal Reserve board of governors warning about the dangers of predatory-lending practices and the lack […]


Getting it Done

An AmeriCorps program that brings together talented young people and community-development groups seeking greater capacity is making a difference in Indianapolis.


The Case for Plan B

Housing professionals have spent so much time making homeownership attainable through subsidized payments, they’ve failed to see there’s a better path to affordable homeownership.


Struggling in the Crescent City

Grass-roots advocacy groups and community-advocacy organizations are taking the lead in restoring housing in New Orleans.


The Supreme Denial of Integration

Despite the high court’s recent blow to achieving classroom diversity, fair-housing practices can go a long way toward moving the country beyond racism.


Housing the Working Poor

What big ideas should housing activists put forward to the next president and Congress? Assuming that a Democrat wins the White House and that the Democrats hold onto or even expand their majority in Congress, housing advocates have an opening to promote a progressive agenda. Are we ready?


Charting a New Course in Portland

Portland, Ore., threw away the old rulebook when it crafted its Economic OpportunityInitiative, focusing on helping low-income people in innovative ways. Could it inspire a new national anti-poverty strategy?


Straight-Talk Express?

If you think “nightmare” when you hear about Chicago’s high-rise public-housing projects, Beauty Turner wants to take you for a ride. Turner’s “ghetto bus tour” acquaints sightseers with the vanishing […]


The Heart of the Story

CNBC’s “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer’s now-famous summertime tirade about the collapse of the subprime markets captivated media pundits and bloggers, as well as close to 2 million YouTube viewers. […]


Keeping Kukui Gardens

Faced with the prospect of losing their homes, residents of a Honolulu affordable-housing complex defied Hawaiian cultural traditions, getting organized and vocal and achieving a victory for affordability in one of the country’s most expensive cities.


Identity Crisis

Shelters and food pantries are lifelines for homeless people. But soon they may be out of reach. When in May the House passed the Federal Housing Finance Reform Act (HR […]