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Jan/Feb 2005

Issue #139

Coming Home

In this issue, we spotlight the growing need for supportive housing for ex-prisoners re-entering the community.

Editor’s Note

It’s the Mission, Stupid

For the past four years, the Bush administration has been working hard to turn HUD into the Cheshire Cat – all grin, no programs. It has proposed block granting Section […]


Housing Ex-Offenders

There is growing anxiety about how to house the large number of ex-offenders being released from state and federal prison each year, over 600,000 annually. Many of these individuals experience […]


Predatory Lending: Redlining in Reverse

The proverbial American dream of owning a home has become an all-too-real nightmare for a growing number of families. Take the case of Florence McKnight, an 84-year-old Rochester widow who, […]


Building a Community-University Partnership in Newark

Among all the issues that affect taxpayers, none has a greater impact than a property tax revaluation. When Newark, New Jersey was about to have its first revaluation in more […]


Shelter Shorts

HUD Ordered to Desegregate in Baltimore A federal judge chided HUD for concentrating African-American families in Baltimore public housing, and said the federal agency must work to disperse these families […]

Organizing Strategy

In Red State Florida, Victory for Working People

While 52 percent of Floridians voted for George Bush in the November election, 72 percent backed a Bush-unfriendly ballot initiative: a constitutional amendment raising the minimum wage. The law set […]


Exploring Alternative Sources of Fundraising

A low-income housing organization borrows $2 million at 1 percent interest and is able to buy a large number of homes that it then rents or sells to low-income families […]


The Rebirth of Urbanism

City: Urbanism and Its End, by Douglas Rae. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2003. 432 pp. $30.00 (hardcover). My reaction to Douglas Rae’s City: Urbanism And Its End was […]