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May/Jun 2004

Issue #135

Playing Arena Politics

Articles in this issue look at Ronald Reagan's legacy, as well as Mel Martinez's record of achievement, if any, as HUD secretary. Also, a housing bubble and what it means for the rental market.


House Of Cards

When Mel Martinez announced his candidacy for the Senate from his home state of Florida, it was inevitable that he would give a positive spin to his record as secretary […]


Reagan’s Legacy: Homelessness in America

While the media looks fondly at President Reagan’s accomplishments two decades ago, they all but ignore the devastating affects his policies left on the poor.


The Housing Bubble

It is widely believed that homeownership is the best way for low-income families to accumulate wealth and enter the middle class. There are reasons for questioning the wisdom of this […]

Organizing Strategy

Economic Rights are Human Rights

Families with nowhere else to go often wind up staying at a modest row house on a side street off Kensington Avenue, a downtrodden, drug-ridden thoroughfare that gives this section […]

Editor’s Note

The Home Team

In a new book, Root Shock, Dr. Mindy Thompson Fullilove proposes that displacement is the problem that the 21st century must resolve. Her definition of root shock is “the traumatic […]


Shelter Shorts

From the Frontline to the Sideline (of society) The federal government reported that veterans make up 9 percent of the U.S. population but 23 percent of the homeless population. Male […]


Don’t Overlook Your Most Valuable Assets

One of your staff is attending a party unrelated to your organization’s business when an excellent fundraising opportunity presents itself. She is among a group of strangers, and not surprisingly, […]


The Joy (and Angst) of Organizing

Dynamics of Organizing: Building Power by Developing the Human Spirit, by Shel Trapp. (Self published.) 2003. 144 pp. $20 (paperback.) Available from the National Training and Information Center, 312-243-3035. There […]


Dominic Moulden

When I first became involved in the community development world, I immersed myself in the literature to learn as much as I could about the field and its players. I […]