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Mar/Apr 2001

Issue #116

Fair Housing

You Wouldn’t Fit Here

Let’s define segregation as a social harm rather than an inconvenient byproduct of individual preferences. We need alternatives for viable communities.


Be Pragmatic and Persistent

In the midst of the recent presidential campaign, the Wall Street Journal declared, “Despite Sky-High Rents and Prices, Housing Is the Forgotten Issue in Race.” “People don’t expect the federal […]


Expand Upon Successes and Seize New Opportunities

George W. Bush is often described as a man who believes in limited government, personal responsibility, strong families and local initiative. It’s too early to forecast with precision how these […]


Keep Growing the Grassroots

The Bush administration, in its first appointments and executive orders, has made it clear that labor unions, and working people in general, will be primary targets. Conservatives are worried about […]


Expand Your Base, Hold Democrats Accountable

ACORN members don’t expect much from the Bush administration, but for an organization that got its start during the Nixon years, and thrived through the Ford, Reagan, and Bush Sr. […]


The Importance of Design (Community Development and New Urbanism)

We need a marriage of CDC work and urban design,” says Sandy Phillips of the Manchester-Bidwell Development Corporation and former director of the Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development. “Nonprofit urban […]


Fenway’s Formidable Force

As it celebrates its 28th anniversary, Boston’s Fenway Community Development Corporation (FCDC) is at an interesting point in its history. The need to preserve and develop affordable housing in the […]


Not Afraid To Speak Up

As the World Trade Organization (WTO) prepared for its meetings in Seattle in November 1999, homeless advocates were worried that street sweeps to clean up downtown for the meetings would […]

Everything Old is New Again

It’s déjà vu at every turn these days. Colin Powell is visiting the Middle East. Airline workers are not allowed to strike. The economy is getting bumpy, and the administration […]

Shelter Shorts

Shelter Shorts

Budget Blues and Fuzzy Math The Bush administration claims that its FY 2002 budget blueprint contains a $1.9 billion dollar increase for HUD. Not so, say Rep. John J. LaFalce […]

Organizing Strategy

Involving union welfare office workers in welfare organizing

The Organization of the NorthEast (ONE) has over 70 members: religious congregations, social service agencies, ethnic associations and businesses from three diverse lakefront Chicago neighborhoods – Rogers Park, Uptown and […]


Program Related Investments (PRIs)

The term “program-related investment” (PRI) was first coined in the Tax Reform Act of 1969. As currently defined in the tax code, a PRI is any investment by a foundation […]


Going After the Predators

In the 1990s, minority and working class communities benefited from a significant increase in home and small business lending. Exploiting the rising homeownership in these traditionally underserved communities, predatory lenders […]


Legislative News

Committee Membership The first two months of the 107th Congress have been spent mostly on internal organization. Since the Senate is split 50-50, both parties have equal membership on committees, […]

From the Puritans to the Projects

From the Puritans to the Projects: Public Housing and Publlic Neighbors, by Lawrence J. Vale. Howard University Press , 2000 392 pp. Exclusionary zoning, middle class flight, housing discrimination, segregation, […]