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Sarah Ellis is a policy and communications associate at the Housing Partnership Network, a member-driven organization comprised of 100 entrepreneurial nonprofits that operate all across the country. Prior to joining HPN, Sarah worked as a policy analyst in the Mortgage Markets division at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Sarah has a BA from the University of Toronto and a Master in Public Policy degree from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

Here to Stay: New Approaches to Community-Based Supportive Housing

We’re beginning to see big changes in the housing world as states ramp up efforts to move people with disabilities out of institutions and into communities. For the bulk of […]


Hey Housers, Health Folks Want to Talk to You Too!

  People in the affordable housing field have grown increasingly interested in talking about healthcare. Concepts like “housing as a platform” for health outcomes have become part of our professional lexicon and panel topics at our conferences. We talk a lot about the barriers to progress in aligning health and housing policy in this country. […]