Robert Hickey

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Robert Hickey is a housing consultant specializing in comprehensive local housing plans and strategies for furthering fair housing. Previously, as a senior research associate with the Center for Housing Policy, he wrote extensively about inclusionary housing and other policies for connecting low-income households to high-opportunity neighborhoods. Robert has also managed a multi-year initiative to reform zoning and local housing policies in Marin County, CA, consulted with localities on fiscal and market impacts of land use decisions, and led research on the intersection of affordable housing and transit. He holds a Masters in city and regional planning from the University of California-Berkeley.

Seeking True “Multifamily” Housing

City planners and real estate professionals use the term “multifamily” to describe apartment and condominium buildings. But is there a greater misnomer in our field? Most of our nation’s apartment […]


“Inclusionary Upzoning” Is Gaining Ground. Here’s Why.

Inclusionary housing policies can help with a lot of the issues that many cities and towns struggle with these days, from the dwindling supply of affordable rental options in hot housing markets to the need for a fairer housing market that includes real location choices for lower-income households. These policies, which ask developers to include […]