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Padmini Raghunath is a print and audio journalist based in Oakland, California. Most recently, Raghunath helped produce Silenced: The Radio Murders, an 8-part investigative series. Her print work has appeared in Outside, The Times of India, Distillations, Defector, Jezebel, and Next City, among other publications.
View from across the street of a row of six apartment buildings, all three stories, in varying brick shades. All have square patches of lawn in front and wrought-iron fences with gates. At far right is parked a silver sedan. There are no people in the photo.

How It’s Working: Laws That Help Tenants and Nonprofits Buy Buildings

Shelterforce checks in on three communities that have passed policies giving tenants and nonprofits first dibs on purchasing property. Are these policies keeping residents in their homes?