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Lisa Hodges is an attorney with over 15 years experience in affordable and public housing, large scale urban redevelopment, and neighborhood revitalization. She has served as the director of Real Estate for the Boston Housing Authority and as development advisor to the District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA). Prior to working with DCHA, Lisa was special assistant for Housing Policy to the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development for the District of Columbia (ODMPED). Lisa is an adjunct assistant professor at the Howard University School of Architecture, and she holds a JD from Harvard Law School and is a member of the Maryland State Bar.

Affordable Housing Advocates Need to be Strong TOD Advocates

The Red Line Transit Project is a proposed 14.1-mile light rail line designed to connect approximately 55,000 daily riders in East and West Baltimore, providing access to employment centers, reducing […]


Staying Current and Healthy with Efficient Building Practices

Holistic, green building certifications are an increasingly integral part of affordable housing development. These certifications are often pursued by developers due to incentives in competitive funding allocations, requirements in formula-based […]


The Measures of “Safe and Decent” Housing

The definition of “affordable housing” is widely agreed as a household spending no more than 30 percent of its gross annual income on housing costs. Congress adopted this standard for […]