Joe Neri

Joe Neri is CEO of IFF, one of the nation’s largest and highest-rated non-depository, diversified CDFIs. He has taught at the graduate planning schools of the universities of Iowa and Illinois, Chicago. He is chair of the board for Acción Chicago, serves on the Community Advisory Committee for U.S. Bank, and previously served on the Community Advisory Committee of the St. Louis Federal Reserve. He holds a master's degree in city planning from UC Berkeley.
Interrupting history

Let’s Interrupt History: Racial Equity in a Time of Crisis

Data on the pandemic shows once again the dramatic consequences of racial inequalities. CDFIs must focus on ensuring equity for Black-owned businesses.
redlining map and racial equity

Can Using a Racial Equity Lens Increase Capital in Communities of Color?

If CDFIs adopted traditional appraisal standards to determine loan amounts, they'd make very few loans in the communities they were founded to serve.