Howard Banker

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Howard is the Executive Director of the Fair Mortgage Collaborative and has over 35 years’ experience in affordable lending and community development. He has managed and directed single and multi-family loan: origination, insurance, aggregation and securitization programs for affordable loans and directed loan counseling programs for single family homebuyers and owner throughout the US. He has been a consultant to Ford Foundation; the US Department of Energy; the Enterprise Foundation and other national nonprofit intermediaries. He began his working life as a community organizer with the North West Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition. He has a BA in Medieval Studies from Fordham University and an MS in Urban and Regional Planning from Pratt Institute.

A Different Approach to the Recent Mortgage Settlement

A central feature of the recent $8.5 billion national mortgage settlement is a “throw up the hands and send some checks” approach as a solution to thousands and thousands of […]


A Home You Can’t Mortgage? No Longer. Victory for Manufactured Housing

More than seventeen million Americans live in 6.9 million manufactured homes.  The vast majority of these homeowners are low and very low income (median income was $34,700 in 2008).  For […]