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Harold Simon is the former executive director of the National Housing Institute and former publisher of Shelterforce.

Human and Political Consequences

Not that long ago, Congress decided that, if times got tough financially, some hard decisions would have to be made. If a federal program were to expand or a new […]

Real Life

The latest variation in “reality” TV shows was announced this summer. Take a couple of privileged young women who are more familiar with charity balls and fashion shows and drop […]

HUD’s Exit Strategy?

“All of the truly needy will not get vouchers. I’ll say that in a minute,” the HUD secretary bluntly told editors of the Washington Post while also acknowledging that the […]

What Lies Ahead

Over the past year, we’ve had the opportunity to meet with many of our readers and colleagues – community builders, advocates, researchers and funders, old friends and new acquaintances. Many […]

Old Story – New Twist

Thankfully, it’s not 1991 all over again. Despite similarities and some setbacks, there are hopeful signs ahead. Most of our readers know that the National Housing Trust Fund Act has […]

Closeup of plaque on exterior red-brick wall, which reads Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

Dispelling Myths, Offering Thanks, and Saying Goodbye

Although this issue’s focus is at the top of the news, we honestly didn’t know who would be in the White House today when we began planning this issue. But, […]

Empowerment – From Rhetoric to Reality?

At its outset, the community development field was about resident empowerment. From the War on Poverty to the forging of the community development corporation industry, the goal has been – […]

Uniting the Poor and Working Class for Housing, Living Wages and Justice

Social Security is politically sacrosanct for two reasons. First, it serves the elderly, and the elderly vote. Second, even though Social Security (like Medicare) provides significant help for the poor, […]

Everything Old is New Again

With this issue, we celebrate Shelterforce’s 25th anniversary. Shelterforce has come far during this time, from a small quarterly newspaper to a glossy bi-monthly. Unfortunately, the problems that made Shelterforce […]

New Challenges for Community Builders

As we go to press, the federal budget, including the HUD budget for fiscal year 2001, has just been released. The HUD budget, while far from what the millions of […]

Hopeful Signs

We hate being bummed out at the end of a millennium. Makes it tough to enjoy those 00 years. But as we approach the end of the year, the century, […]


Cardell Cooper

On August 11, 1999, HUD Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development and former mayor of East Orange, New Jersey, Cardell Cooper returned home for a few hours, joining U.S. […]